Saturday 14 October 2017

Check Point

Today, while experimenting with the scenarios for the Battle of Montecassino at Texas Broadsides, we had what my wife calls a "Check Point" moment. A party of people passed by and asked if we would have the Polish in the battle. YES, of course, on Sunday for the Fourth Battle, the Poles will take center stage. At the time, we had the Texan Division attempting the Crossing of the Rapido.

And what about Wojtek they asked?  I needed to confirm the pronunciation of Wojtek, but fortunately knew the story of the bear.

The Anders Army were the Polish soldiers whom Churchill had negotiated release from the Soviet Union to fight Nazis. On their way through Iran, they adopted the Syrian Bear, that they named Wojtek, which means "Ordinary Soldier". For administrative reasons, he had to be enlisted and went on to serve with the Polish 2nd Corps in Italy, where he proved useful loading ammunition into lorries. Hence he was adopted as the emblem for the 22nd Artillery Supply Company.
As it turned out, the party were Poles from Boston in Houston for a wedding. They knew about the bear and the Polish memorial at Montecassino. They told us the grand-daughter of Wojtek now lives in Boston Zoo.

What a check point for our game.

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